DJ SEF…. TOP 25 TRACKS OF 2008!!!

DJ Sef posted this on his blog this morning and I felt such a strong agreement that I had to share it…….

This is a tough 1, so many tracks came out this year doing major stuff for myself and a whole host of people! UK Funky represents strong in the list but with the mastering and mixing down power of more established labels it was always gonna be tough to compete. So here we go!

Track – Artist – Label

1. Time To Let Go – Perempay N’ Dee ft Cleo Sol (Soulshine)
Great beat! Fantastic vocal! Warm, soft, classy all rolled into 1! My Tune of the year BUY HERE

2. Kissing Strangers (Feliciano Vocal Mix) – Ralf Gum ft. Monique Bingham (Gogo)
Beautiful vocals and a melody to match… a classic for years!

3. Sunday Showers – Kentphonik (Stalwart)
Wicked xylophone vibes on this South African hit

4. Chantes – Apple (White)
My pick of the UK Funky tracks, badboy vibes and only a handful of DJ’s have the proper version!

5. African Warrior – Doneao (Zephron)
He hit the nail on the head with this, got me rolling with my stick with this bassy banger

6. Quicktime – DJ Naughty (Spoilt Rotten)
Pure carnival vibes with this classic but DJ Pioneer has still got the best version (the 1st mix)

7. Sirens – HardHouse Banton (White)

8. Wizeman – Copyright ft. Imaani (Defected)
One of my favorites from the UK duo, big beat and lyrics to match!

9. In The Air – Perempay N’ Dee ft. Katie Pearl (Dirty Canvas)
I felt this in my soul and in the sky! Pure club pressure

10. As I – Geeneus ft. Katy B (Rinse)
Sexy vocal and a sexy beat… simple

11. About Love – Knee Deep (Knee Deep)
A track to start the summer with chilled vibes

12. 33rd St, Anthem – Karizma (Defected)
Tech, Broken-Beat, BASS!! Jeeez, this has it all… ENERGY!

13. Climate Change – Roska (White)
Cracker with makes you change your skank to a new climate!

14. Gabryelle Refix – D Malice (Diamond In Da Ruff)
What a refix… a classic refixed… oh did i mention… WHAT A REFIX!

15. How Do I Let Go – Dennis Ferrer ft. K.T. Brookes (King Street)
Really, you cant let go on the soulful vibes of this track.. classic

16. Coke Bouquet – Yotam Anvi (Iwanai)
Sleeper, only the brave pull out this smash.. love the rugged drums on this one!

17. Your Special (Doruk Ozlen Main Vocal) – Soul Creation ft. Stephanie Cooke (Foliage)
This mix has a perfect link up between melody and Cooke’s lyrics… BIG!

18. Mirror Dance – Afefe Iku (Yoruba)
Dance floor monster straight from the heart of Congo

19. Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Remix) – Paleface ft. Kyla (Ministry of Sound)
Ladies anthem… can’t knock this power track

20. Russelology (AphroDisiax Voodoo Dub) – Flowriders (NY Soul)
Massive work on the keys by London’s real up and coming stars, superb vibes… casting a spell on anybody who appreciates real tuneage.. you are VOODOO!!

21. Spells Of Yoruba – Gel Abril (Be As One Imprint)
Deep tech business happening, with afrikaaaaaaaaaa all the way! 419!

22. My Joy (Original) – Quentin Harris ft. Margaret Grace (Strictly Rhythm)
Finally it came out and what a track, house at it’s very best!! Production is beautiful and vocals layered on top with perfection

23. Black Man In Space (Sax Mix) – Son Of Raw (Objektivity)
A dark techy beat with a joyful jazzy sax floating on top of it is a born winner… set the tone for this year of house music when released in Jan

24. Nothin Better Then Your Lovin’ – T.J. Cases ft. Natalie Broomes (Hardsoul Pressings)
15 years on the 2step producer bangs out some real heat for the dance floor!!!! WOW!

25. Revenge (Scott Wozniak Club Mix) – Darryl D’Boneau (Jellybean Soul)
This guy… his signature vocals bless any and every remix out, big bass line and keys, this is my favourite of the lot this year

If you have a view about this chart, any songs you feel are missing or you have your own top tracks of 2008 chart… please feel free to comment on the original post which can be found here!!
REMEMBER: these are DJ’ Sef’s views…. Although I personally think there should be some Fuzzy Logik in there somewhere!! MERRY XMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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