The Funky Junkies have gone MAD!!!

Recent reports have shown that the current outbreak within Funky Junkies, has been rumoured to have been spurred by the KIG Family/Mile Recordings, with the current anthem “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”. These short sighted opinions have been incorrect. Recent You Tube figures show that there were signs of an outbreak and epidemic across the country from dates as early as November 2006.

It seems there are members of society infiltrating themselves into the partying community, and are hoping to sway the more mature ravers into dancing in unison with their erratic choreography. It is believed that with heavy alcohol consumption, you will consider these as a trendsetting way to dance.


We would like to warn all Funky ravers to be aware of fellow revellers while enjoying themselves and to help these perpetrators to be identified, we have uploaded the following videos.

We would mostly like you to keep an eye out for this guy….. If seen, please do teach him some moves that contain some swagger.

Enjoy your nights out and remember to stay safe!!


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