Big Boy Funky Special!!

Tuesday night I heard what I think has been the best producer showcase that has taken place thus far. Tuned in to DJ Cameo on BBC London’s specialist urban station 1xtra, I wanted to see what this Funky Special I’d been hearing about so much was all about. What can I say…. Cameo delivered. Kicking off with Party Hard by Donaeo, it was evident that this was going to be a good show.


The part of the show I had tuned in to hear included interviews with a few UK Funky producers. Roska and Lil Silva in the studio, plus additional pre-recorded audio. It’s time to take notes for release info people!!

kicks and snaresRoska
Promise by Darkus Beat Production (Roska VIP) due for release January 2009
In Your Handbag due for release Jan/Feb 09. Look out for the Video!!


Lil Silva
Funky Flex & Pulse Remix EP released next week – 15th December 2008
Lil Silva is also releasing another EP in Jan 09 which features a track titled “Different”. If you like Sirens, you’ll love this!!


Album due out titled “Producer Turned Artist” Summer 09 containing Funky, Electro and Drum & Bass. This will contain Donaeo’s full Funky catalogue.

*Exclusive* Devil In A Blue Dress Remix
Naughty has taken Donaeo’s vocals and applied them to a backing track of his own. This enables us listeners to absorb the vocals without the classic riff that is the original’s trademark. Naughty has given the track a whole new vibe with a jazzy soulful rendition. Best thing is Donaeo likes it!!
Mutya Buena – She’s Just A (Naughty Remix)
This track was originally a bashment track, however due to its appeal it is being re-released as a funky track. Look out for this one!!

Invasion Crew
OB is the producer behind Signed and Sealed by Courtney Dennie which is out now.
The duo also have another track titled “Candlelit” which is out Jan 09
Also out Jan 09 is Domino Effect by Addictive (Invasion Remix). This vocal track is seriously funky. Tribal but electro and broken. What was my first description?? Hmmm…… Funky. I’ll stick to that for simple descriptions.

*Exclusive* Elevation
This track struck me as slightly “Bugzy” but there is too strong of an invasion signature sound, accompanied with the sharp invasion drop to get it twisted. “Definitely a banger” – DJ Cameo

*Exclusive* Night Time
You may have heard this track while out around town and on your radio or mix CDs. If you didn’t know who was behind this production…. You do now!!

DJ Cameo is back next week with another Funky Special. Tune in BBC 1Xtra Tuesday 22.00-00.00 hrs

Stream or Download the show HERE!!!


Donaeo – Party Hard (Cameo Special)
DMT – Touch You
Baby KT – As I
Attacca Pesante Feat Shea Soul – Make It Funky For Me
Apple – Chantes
K. I.G Family – Head, shoulders, Knees & Toes
Fuzzy Logic Feat Egypt – In The Morning
May Day Feat Coco Bee – Deeper
Addictive – My Love (Remix)
Presidential Sounds – Touch MY
Doctor – I Want It
Frisco – Sexy Girls
Mr V – Jungle Fever
Sub Zero ft Tezz Kid – Rockstar
Bass Boy ft Pheleba – Daydream
Darkus – Promise (Roska Remix)
Lil Silva – Pulse VS Funky Flex
Roska – In Your Handbag
Lil Silva – Different

Pre-recording with Donaeo, Naughty and Invasion Crew!

Donaeo – Party Hard
Naughty – Devil In Blue Dress (Remix)
Magic Touch – Signed And Sealed
Addictive – Domino Effect (Invasion Crew Remix)
Tadow – Elevation
Fingaprint – Night Time
D-Malice – Gabryelle Refix (Cameo Special)


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