Who are KIG??

The UK Funky scene has been taken by an unexpected storm with the track Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes which is still at present continuing its wave. This was a track made in a short moment of creativity, and a video to accompany it made while enjoying a day around London including the West End and after a rave. Mostly complied from experiment, this producer was able to envisage its appeal due to their own attraction. After uploading the video to You Tube, the effect was anticipated, but still very underestimated.

You Tube Statistics

3rd December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

3rd December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

4th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

4th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

5th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

5th December 2008 @ 00.00 HRS

KIG are a collective of individuals from north east London that range from DJs/MCs/Producers, Promoters, Video Directors, Logo Designers. The Head, Shoulders…. track features 3 individuals:


Hitty: MC/Host, DJ Producer

Having first entered music becoming a DJ playing Bashment, Hip-Hop and Grime in 2001, Hitty first tried his hand at producing in 2004 making backing tracks in the Grime genre. Versatility gave him an ability to adapt his skills into Funky at the beginning of the year having been converted to the sound. Feeling that he had to play a part in the movement, he made a number of tracks within the genre finding it simple and fun to compose. Head Shoulders is the first track that has had vocals added as yet, but has advised us to look out for more work coming from him in the future.

Skitz: MC/Host, Promoter

Skitz started in music as MC part of a crew called FKV, after showcasing his lyrical talents for over 4 years, he started to be a host for many different raves around London and different pirate radio shows. This gave him connections in the correct places to start managing his own events in the capacity of raves, talent shows etc…. Ann Summers VS La Senza and Sexy Cinderella are part of his portfolio. The Head Shoulders Knees & Toes was originally Skitz’s bar when hosting in events.

Creeper: MC/Rapper

Creepa has been an MC for over 4 years. Having started rapping early 2008, he has featured on many of the rap beats produced by Hitty under the KIG/Mile Recordings name. His presence on the track was unintentional. Having been present in the studio at the time the track was made, happened to possess the correct vocal for a particular part which proved to be a fundamental part of the track.

This track first blew up in the universities around the capital and has in turn integrated itself into the mainstream. It has been play listed on 1xtra, with interest shown from the likes of Ras Kwame and a live interview with Choice FM’s Hotsteppa. KIG are also inundated with special dubplate requests and bookings up and down the country. T-Shirts are now on sale and the track hasn’t even been officially released as yet!! It surely has the potential to reach Number 1!!

At present there are no plans set in place, however this is something currently being worked on. There are also intentions for a video re-shoot. In the meantime KIG would like to thank everybody who has been supporting the track. Also listen out for Back To Me Feat Simone which is also produced by KIG/Mile Recordings.


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