Major Not£$ – Winter Heatwave EP

Major Not£$ the 26 year old Producer/Engineer has made a serious impact while taking steps into UK Funky production. Being no stranger to the UK music scene having worked previously with Def1 (Frontline), we have another producer who has crossed genres to join the movement, helping it grow and providing more quality music.

winter-heatwaveThe Winter Heatwave EP carries various styles across the House music spectrum ranging from Afrobeat to Vocal to Brokenbeat to Electro. Major Not£$ has provided a track for every vibe and every preference. A few shaky vocals in some places is the only thing that brings this EP down, but the quality on a whole can give grace to this minuscule of error.

Viva La Revolution and What? are set to take many dance floors by storm with the energy they provide. It’s no wonder this EP is titled “Winter Heatwave”. The desire to let of some steam is definitely there!!

The generosity within the Winter time was obviously felt within the structuring of this release as all previous tracks produced by Major Not£$ have also been included on this EP as Bonus Tracks, this extends the value barrier by far containing in full a whole 7 tracks for £5!!

Promising to gift us with what may be the first 100% Vocal Funky album next year, Major Not£$ has already got his next project in notion. He has advised us to look out for a track called “Meet Me On The Dancefloor” featuring Koni, which should be dropping in the early New Year. This will be a sample of the vibe on the album and what is due to come.

Major Not£$

Major Not£$

Major Not£$
“Winter Heatwave EP”
(Lossol Entertainment)
Release Date:
15 December 2008

Only available on MySpace

1. Viva La Revolution
2. Skream Out
3. Loving You ft Mellody
4. What?
5. Regular Lover ft Mellody
6. Hooked On You ft Jaide Green
7. Tonight


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  1. […] featured with his powerful vocal featuring Jaide Green titled ‘Hooked on You‘ and his Winter Heatwave EP. Since Major has continued to give us many varied helpings of his own sound including Junglebook […]

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