Have you heard the Fuzzy Logik Sound??

The truth is you probably have…… The sound of Fuzzy Logik has been buzzing around for a little while and has been named as a favourable producer by a number of DJs. His latest EP sold out everywhere and required a repress to meet demands with MP3 releases also being requested. Unfortunately however, all MP3 releases are currently being postponed.

So do you need an introduction to the Fuzzy Logik sound??

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash is the latest EP released by Fuzzy Logik and is the first of a proposed series of 3 EPs. It is currently available in Rhythm Division, Uptown Records, Blackmarket Records and UK Recordshop. Do not despair if you are not in London, as releases are due to move far enough north to hit the Midlands via a distributor very soon.

What Goes Around
The best part of this vocal tribal track is the rolling chord sequences. If you allow yourself to get lost within, you’ll be able to feel the sensations this beat can influence replicating the feeling of a constant spin. This is a track that can surely be an atmosphere booster on the dance floor.

Funky Roller
This is an instrumental version of What Goes Around that generates the same vibe. It however enables you to play the version of your preference.

Simple yet effective synthesized sequences looped, broken and emphasized to collate a track carrying a hypnotic vibe smoothly throughout its many adventurous changes. There is one particular drop within this track that if you weren’t skanking before……. You will be now!!!

Turn & Twiss
That right ladies! It’s that track! You thought you were jumping up for your favourite DJ didn’t you?? Uh-Uh…. You were jumping up for Fuzzy Logik. So the next time you wanna don’t stop turn and twiss on that dance floor, just ask Mr DJ for some sweet banging Fuzzy Logik.


Fuzzy Logik has been kind enough to let us have a preview of what we can expect to be hearing from him in the future:

The Way You Move
Already been declared a personal favourite of a few DJs, this vocal track is set to be an all time favourite of many participants within the scene. Not only is this track a great indication for the females to pull out their sexiest moves, it also gives the gents a chance to enjoy the vibe and spectate!!


This is a lower toned production with a broken beat style. The chords are sharp and effective and the melody flows indefinitely. This is one you’ll find gets stuck in your subconscious and causes you to constantly be humming it all day long. This track has also been named as a DJ favourite.

El Mataron
This funky bashment rhythm will get any dancefloor in need of inspiration on their toes. It reminds me of Mavado’s Gangster 4 Life. But how do you dance to it?? Bashment or Funky??

Listening to the Fuzzy Logik showreel you will hear some bonus samples of some exclusives that haven’t even been named yet – Listen with a keen ear!!

Click here to get a sample of the Fuzzy Logik sound!!


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