Marcus Nasty takes a GIANT leap!!

Marcus 'UK House' Nasty

Marcus 'UK House' Nasty

The god-father of the UK Funky/UK House movement has been looking for a new place of residence for a while with guest appearances on various radio stations such as BBC 1xtra, Choice FM, BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, following various concerns with his former station regarding lack of support of the Funky Movement on top of unprofessionalism and feeling that at as a leading Funky DJ his most appropriate homage would be at a location that is still in possession of true innovation within the scene.

With a number of consecutive guest appearances on the station of leading competition, it has come as no surprise that Marcus Nasty has found his new residence on London’s Rinse 100.4 FM/

Being the home of various UK Funky producers, the official releases of a series of mix CDs, as well as the option to download regular podcasts of weekly shows, Marcus Nasty is delighted to inform his followers that you are invited to join him at his new home on Wednesdays 7-9pm GMT, where he will continue to provide the best selection available within the UK House/UK Funky category.