Nah… That’s Funky!! It’s leaking…… and it STINKS!!!

The funky scene barriers both of the underground music industry and its ocean shores are breaking, and is being embraced by many with hope that it is here to stay. However there seems to be a cancer, eating away at its ability from within. The true representatives not only love and nurture the evolution that it has become. But they also respect it for its true potential.

Changes in technology throughout the years have brought many changes in music production and distribution. We’ve seen a substantial rise in downloads ie file sharing and MP3 transfer and are incredibly aware of its many effects on music industry sales, including how it can have adverse effects on a rising genre.

With many upcoming funky DJs, the competition for top status is not only focused on one’s mixing ability but also on the tunes possessed ie top producers, classics and exclusive club bangers. This is very useful to producers wishing to gain exposure for a newly produced track. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be working for producers at present, as the scene is dealing with a heavy leakage problem which is creating a vile stink!!

Change in technology has also witnessed a change from vinyl to CD. Music is no longer pressed but burned in a substantial amount of reduced time. This means that distribution is no longer reduced to the producer or record label and can be passed amongst friends and foe alike. This means that a producer releasing new material is at danger of sabotage in the FULL potential of his work as soon as it leaves his sole possession.

CD Swaps

Would a DJ be as willing to press a record as much as transfer a file or burn a CD?? Has the greed for status forsaken the love and respect for music??

To combat this we have seen various methods of first exposure exercised, including special personal dubplates which limits usage to the sole DJ themselves. The level of determination possessed by saboteurs has been highlighted in this instance incredibly, where a track has been manipulated and even in extreme instances own dubplates made by the DJ himself, and then distributed at a poorer sound quality, having detrimental effects to the original producer.

A DJ playing a bootlegged copy of a track in a club or on a mix CD however, will not earn himself a status he desires. A producer who is aware who he has trusted with his work will also not be appreciative of his work being traded for receipt of another. Regardless of the appreciation that you like his creation, and are proud to possess it, an act to reap the benefits of his/her empire, leads to a number of less sales when released. Would a DJ be as willing to press a record as much as transfer a file or burn a CD?? Has the greed for status forsaken the love and respect for music??

UK Funky.Com

£1.99 per track @ UK Funky.Com

The producers of funky are also members of the scene which makes perpetrators more evident. Like with every mass problem, a crackdown on these pirate DJs who are leaking productions to gain status with bookings and a following is required. Swapping of music within the DJ fraternity has been indicated to have generated from lack of releases within the genre, so a producer needs to ensure there is a plan for his production prior to generating outside exposure. A network with trustworthy DJs and notice of a release date taking full advantage of the utilities ie networking sites and MP3 stores informs those who are not lucky enough to already own the track of when it will be available. With this information in place, a DJ is aware that to give or receive this track is a violation to agendas. Nevertheless, the likelihood of selling 10000 vinyls or MP3s is low and once a track is released there is nothing that can be done to stop file sharing, but revenue can be made in other ways ie Live PAs etc.

DJs who are swapping however, have been called to realise that within distributing this track prior to release, once owned by a vast number, the profitability decreases, which in turn deters the producer’s efforts to release the track officially also causing frustration.

UKFunky.Com, the website at the forefront of the funky scene from within the scene have recently opened up a new MP3 store to allow producers to showcase their productions and allows purchase of music at a mere £1.99 per track. At such a price, this has eliminated any reason to download a song with risk of gaining a virus, or even asking the producer for the track directly, although I’m sure this is preferred by a producer than for you to download it. With hope, as the MP3 store grows, the leak will begin to evaporate and the financial potential and gain for the foundations of the scene will grow. Alongside this, will be more productions of increased standard as more producers will be able to invest more into the music.

Funky is being played on all mainstream radio and additional internet based stations. There is now exposure to the general public on a much wider scale geographically. A DJ wishing to get to and remain at the top status level of the scene needs to realise that the existence of the scene relies on its commercial marketability. Frustrated producers will eventually explore other genres.


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  1. Heavy comments I really like the blog! If only everyone had the same view new music scene’s would get greater backing from Major labels and ultimately make the UK market more viable

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